Have Kevin Build Your Online Following

Original Content, Likes And Comments

Even though that looking at numbers of likes and comments can be frustrating, these numbers can tell us something important. For instance, if you are just an average user that uses social media to have fun and share some things that happen if your life, then you should not worry about those numbers. You just need to realize that real life is behind those posts, and you should not take the number of likes and comments too seriously. However, if you manage your business page, then you can use those numbers to your advantage and learn how to improve your visibility.


Kevin shares with us some really useful bits and pieces of advice that you can use to push your rankings up! After changing your content, and making some of the most amazing images that suit your style, niche, and your followers, you need to begin to react with accounts that are similar to yours. For instance, if you are into pottery, then you can send new pots to some popular influencers who will then share your product on your page. By doing this, you increase your chances of becoming more popular.

Kevin also reminds us of the importance of hashtags and captions, and you should be precise when it comes to using these tools. Nowadays, you can even change the font of captions, and you can create hashtags that will be related only to your page. Tell your followers to write their opinions on the post in the comments and create this nice atmosphere on your business account.